Catilyn Rodriguez, a 29-year-old mother, led police on an incredibly bizarre and dangerous police chase over the Labor Day weekend.

The suspect was initially stopped by a Texas Department of Public Safety Officer for a routine traffic stop. Upon returning to the vehicle to confirm the identity of the suspect, the officer realized Rodriguez had several outstanding arrest warrants. He learned about this information too late, however, because the suspect took off in her car as the police officer confirmed the warrants.

Rodriguez appeared to be desperate to escape as she pushed her vehicle to speeds exceeding 100 mph. In an effort to protect both the suspect and other drivers, authorities made the decision to deploy a tire deflation device to slow the vehicle down. Police successfully conducted the maneuver, and the suspect’s front tire became disabled. Rather than stop, Rodriguez continued down the road until she ultimately lost control of her car.

The car slammed into another vehicle before the suspect jumped out of the car. Incredibly, she reached into the backseat of the vehicle and scooped up an infant that was secured in a car seat. With the car seat and baby in tow, Rodriguez began running on foot on the road. She approached an oncoming vehicle and attempted to hop into the front seat. The victim alleged that the suspect tried to carjack her, but she was quickly saved when police promptly blocked the vehicle. The officer drew his weapon and held it on Rodriguez while other officers secured the infant.

The suspect has been arrested and is being charged with endangering a child, evading arrest and possession of a controlled substance. Video footage of the ordeal has been released by the Texas Department of Safety.