What should have been a routine traffic stop and arrest in La Jolla Village has now turned into a life or death situation for the suspect. Aleah Jenkins, the 24-year-old suspect, is now in dire condition and on life support after becoming completely unresponsive in police custody. She has been transported to a hospital while a major investigation into the arrest is pursued.

According to initial reports, an officer with the San Diego Police Department noticed Jenkins was riding as a passenger in a vehicle he had stopped while patrolling traffic. After running her name, the officer became aware of two active arrest warrants. He proceeded to ask Jenkins to step out of the car, and he placed her in handcuffs. All initial reports suggest there was no altercation, and no force was used during the arrest process. After being placed in cuffs, the suspect immediately began to appear ill. She suddenly vomited near the officer. The officer made the decision to call paramedics to the scene to help check on Jenkins, but she repeatedly asked the officer to call off the paramedics. She told the officer that she simply had an upset stomach. At the requests of the suspect, the officer canceled the call for medics and proceeded to take her to jail.

During her booking process, the suspect suddenly became completely unresponsive. She was rushed to the hospital where she was placed on life-support. Investigators believe this case may be a possible overdose situation after finding hidden pouches and other traces of controlled substances on Jenkins’ clothing. While little information has been released by police yet, Facebook groups have been created in dedication to the recovery of the suspect. Messages within the groups suggest that Jenkins may be suffering with a severe brain injury. It remains unclear what led to this medical emergency.