A plea deal has been reached between federal prosecutors and Gregory Lee Leingang, a 42-year-old resident of North Dakota who was charged with attempting to murder President Donald Trump.

The original incident occurred in September of 2017 when President Trump was visiting Mandan, North Dakota. The president was scheduled to speak to the community about tax reform at a local oil refinery. The suspect, Leingang, was reportedly enraged at the politician’s visit and decided to hatch a plan to take him out. According to reports, Leingang burglarized a nearby maintenance shop. He started two fires in the shop to give himself enough cover to get away with a forklift. He attempted to take the forklift and drive it towards the area that President Trump’s motorcade was expected to travel. His intent was to use the forklift to flip the President’s limousine. He wanted to “kill the president” according to assistant US attorney Brandi Russell.

The suspect’s plan was foiled when his forklift got stuck in a gated area. Local police noticed the suspect fleeing the scene, so they detained him for questioning. U.S. Secret Service eventually uncovered the disturbing plot.

Ultimately, the suspect has plead guilty to stealing the forklift, starting the fires and hatching the plot. He has been sentenced to ten years in jail for starting the fires and five additional years for burglarizing the maintenance shop. The suspect was given some leniency during his sentencing after his public defender convinced the court that the he was “suffering a serious psychiatric crisis” during the time.