At around 7 P.M. on January 17th, 62-year-old Arthur Edigin approached a vehicle where his estranged wife and daughter were sitting, and he began discharging a firearm into the car.

Houston Police confirmed the suspect fired off at least six shots in what they are calling a domestic dispute incident. Edigin’s 62-year-old estranged wife was fatally wounded and his daughter was critically injured in the attack.

The shooting occurred at a parking lot nearby Christ the Redeemer Catholic Church. The church was holding classes at the time of the shooting, so a temporary lockdown of the building was initiated.

Around 100 people were attending class sessions. One mother who was at the church with her husband and children told media outlets that they took shelter inside a closet.

The suspect fled away in a white Suburban, and emergency medical staff quickly transported the two victims to the hospital. The 62-year-old was pronounced deceased a short time later.

Police tracked down the suspect to a hotel room off of the Sam Houston Parkway. The Harris County Sheriff’s Department attempted to call the hotel room and negotiate with the suspect. SWAT teams were called out to respond when police couldn’t contact Edigin.

An hours-long standoff ensued between authorities and the suspect. After multiple attempts to contact Edigin, detectives decided to breech the room. Hawaii News Now reported that authorities found the suspect deceased in the hotel room, but police have not yet confirmed this fact. It remains unclear what motivated the suspect to commit this crime.