An intense hours-long hostage situation at a UPS facility in New Jersey resulted in a shootout that was fatal for the perpetrator.

The incident began around 8:30 A.M. on January 14th. Police were initially informed about an ongoing active shooter situation at the facility, so they immediately rushed over to the area.

Witnesses reported that one employee mentioned a gun before chaos ensued. Most of the employees attempted to flee the area when they heard the unmistakable pop of the gun. The suspect allegedly then began punching a female worker before shouting, “I have nothing to lose.”

New Jersey Police were forced to usher 32 UPS workers to safety while two of their co-workers were trapped inside with the gunman. Thankfully, none of the victims were injured during this chaotic ordeal.

Police utilized nearby SWAT teams to help oversee negotiations with the suspect. They promptly identified the gunman as William Owens, a 39-year-old resident of Sicklerville.

Investigators then realized that one of the hostages was Owens’ ex-girlfriend. Initially, SWAT teams attempted to convince the gunman to give up peacefully, but negotiations were over when they began hearing multiple rounds of gunshots just before noon.

Shortly after reports of the gunfire, officials confirmed that “the matter has been resolved.” Police confirmed that SWAT teams raided the facility and a shootout with the suspect ensued. The gunman was fatally wounded, but none of the officers were injured. The hostages were also released unharmed. Following the ordeal, UPS publicly thanked the police department for helping respond to the ordeal.