US Capitol Police have been on high alert after multiple weeks of political turmoil and protests. Over the past several weeks, the police force has been compelled to arrest literally hundreds of people protesting to prevent any sort of escalation of the tension in the Capitol.

Capitol Police were again called out to a minor dispute near the US Capitol on September 10. The dispute occurred between an unnamed individual and Scott M. Frantz, a well-known intern for Texas Senator Ted Cruz. Police reports indicate the unnamed individual was in his vehicle, and the dispute was non-violent in nature. No additional details have been released by police yet.

While police were interrogating each suspect, one officer witnessed some shotgun shells sitting in the back of Frantz’s car. The ammunition was in plain sight, so a warrant was not required to search the vehicle. The officer quickly determined that the ammunition was unregistered, and this act is a clear violation of the District of Columbia’s rules regarding the possession of ammunition and firearms.

20-year-old Scott Frantz was promptly arrested and charged with possessing unregistered ammunition at around 3 P.M. One of Ted Cruz’s aides confirmed to CNN that the senator’s office put Frantz on leave after learning about his arrest. Frantz has not yet publicly made any comments regarding the arrest. Similarly, Ted Cruz has not personally commented on the incident. He has referred all inquiries into the matter to his press office who has released a statement saying: “Our office does not comment on pending law enforcement or personnel matters.”