FOX News reports that a mother has been arrested after she and her infant were found riding in a vehicle with a teenager accused of drunk driving.

In Wisconsin, Adela Villarreal-Tellez, 19, was arrested in Mount Pleasant when cops found her intoxicated in a vehicle with her 5-month-old baby, with a drunk 15-year-old driver and another drunk teenager. The car was stopped because it was going 25 miles over the speed limit on Sunday and a witness called to report the driver was swerving into oncoming traffic.

The baby was in the back seat of the vehicle. Villarreal-Tellez is facing child neglect charges. She reportedly could not stand up and wasn’t speaking coherently when interviewed by police.

Beer bottles were also found in the vehicle, and the suspect was taken to Racine County Jail. The drunk teen driver was charged with OWI with a passenger under the age of 16, but was released to his parents. The other teenage passenger was cited for underage drinking. The baby was released to Villarreal-Tellez’s grandparents.

*Photo credit FOX News Network LLC