Nearly everyone can admit to either participating in or laughing at a recorded prank phone call at least once in their life, but sometimes these types of pranks can get out of control. Police were forced to become involved in a situation when a minor began making repeated threatening phone calls to bars in the Boston area. It remains unclear whether the culprit intended for his calls to be harmful or whether this is a case of a distasteful joke gone too far.

According to authorities, police were contacted after two Boston bars received threatening phone calls on November 9th and 10th. Both bars cater to patrons who identify as gay, so it’s possible that the teenager was specifically targeting these types of businesses. The first call was placed to dbar located in Dorchester, while the second call was directed at the Alley Bar. The owner of dbar described the caller as “bigoted” and claimed that he threatened to “shoot the place up.” The employee who received the call at the Alley Bar told authorities that the caller attempted to get directions to the bar before he started threatening the bar.

Police determined the phone call came from a landline phone, so the person responsible was “easily” identified. Boston Police collaborated with the Seabrook Police Department to apprehend the 16-year-old juvenile responsible. The suspect was charged with making threats and potential civil rights violations. Police confirmed to new media outlets that the juvenile already had additional warrants in other countries from unrelated charges.