Social media provides people the opportunity to share their ideas and enjoyable moments with their friends, family and other online individuals. As we’ve seen in recent years, sometimes horrible ideas are spread so quickly online that it can become a real challenge to combat the misinformation or dangerous viral trend.

Three Lawton High School students are now learning that publishing their own extremely dangerous viral publicity stunt may result in criminal charges. The Van Buren County Sheriff Office is now investigating the video of the teenagers that was spread around online. The video captures the teenagers taking turns shooting real bullets at each other while wearing old bulletproof vests. Investigators were astonished at the content of the video and made it clear that the students were extremely lucky that no one was injured.

One 16-year-old shot a .22 caliber bullet straight into the center of the bullet proof vest while his friend wore it. The viral video continues as the teenagers swap out shooting one another. The video spread on social media, and several Lawton High School students witnessed the clip. Police want citizens to be aware that bullet proof vests, especially outdated ones like in the video, are not entirely reliable. Body armor is only effective for about five years after purchase because the layers wear down over time.

Thankfully, none of the teenagers were injured. Police are investigating the situation and may consider pursing criminal charges against the students to discourage others from posting similar content online in the future.