FOX News reports that a Tennessee bus driver who was convicted of killing 6 children in a crash has now been charged with statutory rape. Johnthony Walker, 25, is a former school bus driver who was convicted in 2016 on charges related to a fatal crash he was involved in.

Walker was arrested Thursday in Nashville on aggravated statutory rape charges. He was free on bond at the time, appealing his conviction from March for criminally negligent homicide and assault in the Chattanooga bus crash.

Arrest reports state that Walker admits to having sex with a 14-year-old on five different occasions. He had been staying with the victim’s family for a few months.

Walker was found guilty in March after the bus he was driving on November 21, 2016 with 37 children aboard crashed on a winding road. Over 20 of those students from Woodmore Elementary were injured, and six perished. Prosecutors claim he had been speeding and talking on the phone. He was sentenced to four years in prison for those charges.

*Photo credit Fox News