NBC News reports that a day care owner has been arrested for putting children in closets with ligatures around their necks. In Texas, Rebecca Anderson, 60, was taken to the local jail after police found multiple children in her care strapped into car seats in a dark closet, and others in a bathroom with ligatures around their necks.

The day care was located in Anderson’s Mesquite home, and police responded after a parent of one of the children secretly recorded her the day prior.

A father of a 6-month-old had a hidden camera on his son’s car seat, and recovered video showed Anderson yanking the baby out of the seat by his ankle. She also fed him an unknown substance from a syringe and pulled him up off the ground by a bib on his neck.

Becky’s Home Child Care was raided by police on Friday afternoon, when they found three children in the master closet with no lights on. Additional children were discovered in the master bath. All the children were strapped into car seats, and many had no padding. Shoelace-like ligatures were tied around the children’s necks and attached to the back of the seats to prevent them from moving.

Anderson told police she placed the ligatures around their necks and would sometimes leave the children like that for up to seven hours a day. She also said she gave them Tylenol to “make her day easier.”

Anderson’s bail has been set at $225,000.

*Phot credit NBC News