A tainted batch of synthetic marijuana, dubbed K2, resulted in at least 100 horrifying overdoses throughout New Haven, Connecticut, between August 14th and August 16th. Community members were dismayed to witness around 40 overdoses occurring around the same time at the New Haven Green.

Authorities have since linked the bad batch of drugs to at least three different suspects. On August 17th, the Police Chief of the New Haven Police Department, Anthony Campbell, held a news conference to discuss the situation. During the conference, he released multiple test results that proved K2 laced with fubinaca was the culprit in the city’s recent wave of overdoses and medical emergencies. He also pleaded to the public not to ingest this “clearly contaminated” K2. No deaths have been reported, and most victims were recovered fairly quickly after receiving medical treatment.

John Parker, a 53-year-old, and Felix Melendez, a 37-year-old, were both taken into police custody on August 15th under the suspicion of distributing the tainted drugs. They were both positively identified by overdose victims who claimed both men had been selling the drugs at the park. After a search of Parker’s home, police discovered at least 32 bags of K2. Melendez was already on probation for selling K2 at the park when he was apprehended. A third suspect, whose identity has not yet been made public, has also been implicated in the drug ring. Police Chief Anthony Campbell confirmed that the suspect has a “history” with the department, but additional details are still forthcoming.