The Baltimore Sun reports that three additional teenage boys have been arrested and charged as adults in the murder of Baltimore County Police Officer, Amy Caprio.

Each of the boys have been charged with first-degree murder. They also face first-degree burglary charges.

A judge has ordered that two of the boys be held without bail, and the bail hearing for the third boy has been postponed until Thursday. All three boys are being held at the Baltimore County Detention Center.

Caprio, 29, died on Monday after she went on a call to investigate a suspicious Jeep. A call to 911 had reported that three people left the Jeep and broke into a home. Caprio pursued the driver of the Jeep, exited her car and drew her gun, ordering him out of the vehicle. He then ran over her as she opened fire. That driver was also charged with first-degree murder.

The driver of the Jeep faces a life sentence in prison if convicted. He identified the other three subjects involved with the crime, as they were committing a burglary while he was approached by Caprio.

Two of the suspects admitted to being involved with the burglary, and the third objected to the murder charge because he was in the home while the murder was being committed.

*Photo credit The Associated Press