In the past, those who took part in fraternities and sororities were considered the “who’s who” or the elite members on campus. In recent days, however, many of the traditional fraternity and sorority activities have come under strict scrutiny. In some situations, the group’s actions can cross the line into criminal activity.

Unfortunately for three college students at the University of New Hampshire, they are all facing felony charges after participating in a fraternity-sponsored event.

The ordeal began on January 26th just outside of the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity house. A marked officer was patrolling the area when he happened to drive by the rear parking area of the frat house. As he drove past, the uniformed officer saw a few men who appeared to be fighting with each other.

The officer parked his car and investigated the situation. Reports suggest that one of the suspects refused to allow a football player into the frat party, and this refusal resulted in the physical confrontation. After losing the fight, the refused football player left the area. Shortly later, he returned with more of his football friends and began assaulting multiple people.

One of the individuals involved in the fight appeared to have minor injuries, so they were taken to the Wentworth-Douglass Hospital. Just after 2 P.M., the three suspects were taken into custody. They’ve been identified as Kyle Hamper, Jackson Housman and Quinlen Dean.

The three suspects have been charged with inciting a riot, which is a felony. Each student could face up to seven years in prison if convicted. All three students play on the school’s football team. It’s unclear whether the school will take disciplinary action against the football players. Usually, felony crimes are grounds for expulsion.