Adam Harvey, a 33-year-old resident of New York, is most well-known for his stint on the popular reality television show “Top Chef.” The TV star also owns Bar Salumi, a restaurant in Brooklyn. His success as a chef and reality tv show contestant led him to purchase a $1.5 million home in New York. Although the house is still being renovated, Harvey has already started a giant feud with his future neighbors.

Shortly after acquiring the expensive new home, Harvey installed rooftop solar panels to help curb electricity costs. He failed to take notice of his neighbor’s giant seven-story maple tree while installing the new panels, but quickly realized the tree could become a problem in the future if limbs shaded his rooftop.

He reached out to his neighbor, who has owned her property since 1992, and described his concerns. He attempted to convince the neighbor that the huge tree was actually already dead, and he offered to pay to have it cut down. The owner vehemently refused while expressing her passion for the tree. She explained to Harvey that an arborist had confirmed that the maple tree was alive and well.

Angered, Harvey hired a crew of his own arborists to hack overhanging limbs from the tree without the owner’s permission. His neighbor responded with an official cease and desist letter.

Neighbors were astonished to see Harvey return to the property later with a huge jug of herbicide. The tree owner took photographs of the suspect drilling several holes into the tree and filling it with the poison. They contacted local police who arrested Harvey for both criminal trespass and criminal mischief. The tree owner also requested an order of protection against the suspect who has net yet even moved into the next-door residence.