4-Year-Old Praised as Hero After Keeping 3-Month-Old Alive for Days Alone

SUSPECT: David Kooros Parsa

WHAT HAPPENED: Murder-suicide

THE DETAILS: On Sunday, April 14th, concerned neighbors watched as police officers with the Los Angeles Police Department conducted a well-check on the house nearby. The neighbors knew that two young children lived in the home, but officers weren’t able to make contact with anyone at the door. The neighbors eventually went into the house themselves, and they discovered a four-year-old and 3-month-old child in a very concerning state. They also found their parents upstairs. Both had been deceased for days. Initial investigations point to the fact that David Parsa shot his wife, Mihoko Koike, before turning the firearm on himself. Somehow, the four-year-old managed to care for the youngster and herself for three days prior to being rescued.




Suspect Arrested After Tossing Cellphone at President Donald Trump

SUSPECT: William Rose

CHARGES: Disorderly conduct


THE DETAILS: President Trump was taking the stage to speak at a National Rifle Association convention when suddenly a cellphone was chucked from the audience onto the stage. The phone did not appear to phase the president, but secret service agents approached the suspect. He was immediately removed from the area. Shortly later, authorities confirmed that the suspect was intoxicated when he threw his phone, and it remains unclear whether he intended to harm the president or not. He was, however, transported to a hospital where he received a mental health evaluation. The investigation is ongoing.


TN Mayor Arrested Days Prior to Election

SUSPECT: Mayor Joel Coe

CHARGES: Criminal conspiracy to sell illegal drugs, tampering with evidence


THE DETAILS: Mayor Joel Coe should be focused on running his re-election campaign, but instead, he’s apparently been busy planning a purchase of a pill press. A pill press is most often used to make illegal drugs, so it remains unclear why the Mayor was interested in buying one. The police requested the messages from the Mayor, but he apparently deleted them from his device before they could read them. Once authorities discovered the messages from the Mayor through other means, they were shocked to read he had planned to hide the press from police by using trash bags.


Rapper from New Orleans Arrested After Putting 5-Year-Old on Lyft Alone

SUSPECT: Reiona Oliver

CHARGES: Child desertion


THE DETAILS: A 27-year-old rapper from New Orleans found herself in hot water when she decided to hire a Lyft driver to take her five-year-old child to school. The Lyft driver was shocked when the mother put the five-year-old in the backseat and expected him to transport the youngster to school alone. It’s against Lyft’s policies for drivers to pick up unaccompanied minors. Instead of heading to the school, the driver immediately went to the police station. A short time later, the mother was being led away in handcuffs and charged with child desertion. 


Florida Man Identified as Serial Rapist Through DNA

SUSPECT: Markeith Martin



THE DETAILS: Daytona Beach Police were able to use DNA evidence to track down a suspect accused of at least five counts of rape. The suspect, a 44-year-old, is currently only being charged with one count of rape, but investigators are hoping to press additional charges against him as they uncover more evidence and other victims. At least three other cases have been connected to Martin through DNA. According to at least one victim, Martin is accused of getting very violent. He approached her while she was working on her bicycle and grabbed her by the throat. He threatened to stab her before raping her.


Texas Truck Driver Arrested for Vehicular Homicide

SUSPECT: Rogel Lazaro Aguilera-Mederos

CHARGES: Vehicular homicide


THE DETAILS: Colorado Police arrested a truck driver after he caused a multi-vehicle crash. The accident, which occurred on a portion of Interstate 70, killed at least four people. Over 28 vehicles were involved. Police also noted the severe property damage caused by the crash. Repairs will need to be done on an overpass and the road surface. The trucker is accused of losing control of his tractor-trailer and losing the ability to stop. The police do not believe the suspect was intoxicated or intentionally caused the crash, but he will be still be charged. As a result, he smashed into another car which ultimately caused a fiery pileup. In addition to the four victims who were killed in the crash, six others were rushed to nearby hospitals. The area remains closed in both directions until the roadway is inspected for safety.