Over the past several years, news journalists have gotten a lot of pushback from the American people. It’s easy to forget just how dangerous reporting can really be. Nothing serves as a better reminder of this than the recent attack on a TV news crew in Oakland.

The KPIX 5 news crew thought they would be covering the Oakland teachers’ strike on February 24th, but they were viciously attacked while trying to do their job. According to initial reports, journalists Joe Vazquez and John Anglin had arrived at the teachers’ strike. They were taking photographs and conducting interviews nearby the Oakland Public Library when an unknown vehicle pulled up nearby.

Two men jumped out of the car and drew a firearm. They demanded that the news crew hand over their camera. Shocked, the journalists complied with the robber’s demands. As they attempted to back away from the suspects, a nearby security guard noticed the situation. The suspect with the gun met eyes with the security guard, and the two began exchanging shots. The guard was taken down by a bullet to the leg. The journalists were forced to run behind their news van for cover.

In the chaos, the two suspects fled away in their car. Officers later caught up with the car and a chase ensued. The driver was eventually caught after their vehicle spiraled out of control. Some of the stolen items have been recovered, and police are continuing to investigate the ordeal.

The security guard was taken to a nearby hospital where he received treatment. He was listed in stable condition a short time later.