news reports that twin brothers Louie and Vincent Iacono, both 36, are suspects in the murder of a Gambino crime family associate whose body was found in the water near Brooklyn with cinderblocks tied to his ankles.

The brothers were extradited from Indiana to New York for court proceedings regarding the murder of Carmine Carini Jr. On September 6, 2017, the two were apprehended after a 12-mile high-speed chase in Indiana, which ended at a Walmart.

Carini Jr. was the 35-year-old son of the mob crime family associate bearing the same name. He was fatally beaten with a hammer, which may have been found inside the twins’ vehicle when they were stopped in Indiana.

The body was found floating in the Mill Basin Inlet on September 2 according to, and was wrapped in a tarp with his ankles tied to cinderblocks to weigh it down. The victim shared a house with the twins, according to authorities.

The trio shared an apartment on East 64th Street and police believe Louie beat Carini Jr. in the head with a hammer several times on August 30 while trying to rob him. Vincent then allegedly helped him wrap and dump the body before the two headed west.

The twins immediately became suspect after the body was discovered and their names were given by multiple friends, family members and neighbors. Cops initially stopped them in Henry County, Indiana for a license plate violation and tailgating.

The Courier Times stated that Louie was driving the Chevy Avalanche, and sped off when asked for identification. After driving over a patch of grass in the Walmart parking lot, Louie pulled up to the entrance to the store, exited the vehicle and entered the Walmart.

Cops arrested Vincent after removing him from the vehicle, where prescription drugs and heroin were both found.

Three hammers were also recovered from the vehicle, and one was covered in blood according to prosecutors.

Louie was charged with criminal recklessness, drug possession and resisting arrest for the incident in Indiana. Vincent was charged with resisting arrest and drug possession. Both men pleaded guilty on November 17 and were sentenced to time served, says, but had been linked to the New York murder by that time and were extradited.

New York prosecutors charged Louie with murder and evidence tampering and he is being held without bail. Vincent was charged with tampering with evidence and hindering prosecution, and was held on $250,000 bail.



*Photo credit Barry Williams for New York Daily News