California’s wildfires have been spreading uncontrollably and forcing evacuations in several areas. In Redding, over 650 family homes have already been destroyed and thousands of individuals have been ordered to leave the area for their own safety and the safety of emergency personnel who would be putting their lives in danger attempting to rescue people in these situations.

Authorities monitoring the flames were forced to temporarily halt operations dedicated to protecting citizens from the fire to deal with unconscionable looters. One homeowner who was checking on his property noticed that someone had broken into his home during the mandatory evacuation period, so police were called out to evaluate the situation.

Police discovered that vandals were in the process of stealing several electronics from the home in question, and they immediately pursued the arrest of Jade Ball and Jack Fannin. The duo, 25-years-old and 19-years-old, both had evidence on their persons that had been stolen from other homes in the area. The couple was arrested under the suspicion of burglarizing several evacuated homes.

Ball and Fannin attempted to tell authorities that they had entered into several homes in search of water. Police didn’t buy their story, and they were both charged with entering a disaster area, looting in an evacuated area and conspiracy to commit a felony.

Police handled the situation promptly and were able to return to helping assist with the Carr Fire. This specific fire has already taken the lives of two emergency firefighters and six other individuals.