The New Orleans Police Department was forced to arrest two of their own off-duty officers after an incident outside of a bar on July 24th.

Officers John Galman and Spencer Sutton were both off-duty and having drinks at the bar when they got into a heated discussion with another bar patron. Jorge Gomez was allegedly approached by the two intoxicated men and questioned about his nationality.

Gomez told CNN reporters that one of the officers accused him of being a “fake” American because of his Honduras heritage. Gomez told the two off-duty cops that he had military experience with the National Guard and had toured in Iraq, but the drunk cops refused to believe the victim.

As Gomez decided to leave the unsettling scene, the two officers attacked him. The attack was so brutal that the victim’s face was completely swollen with one eye shut the following day when he spoke to reporters. It’s unclear whether the officers realized their mistake or what prompted them to call 911 after brutalizing the victim, but paramedics arrived and immediately rushed the victim to a nearby hospital. The officers were both arrested and transported to jail overnight.

When questioned the next day, Officer Sutton claimed to have no memory of the previous night. The two officers were both considered rookies of the force, and neither officer had completed their probationary period before the incident. Currently, the two are charged with misdemeanor simple battery, but investigators are looking into the incident for any “potential civil rights violation.”