For years, investigators believed Anthony Tomaselli passed away from natural causes. After all, the 85-year-old was suffering from both dementia and cancer, and he appeared to have stopped breathing overnight. The whole scenario appeared to be another case of natural elderly death, but now the truth has finally been revealed thanks to an individual who tipped off the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office.

According to police, Anthony’s two adult daughters nearly got away with the “perfect murder” of their father, but things recently came unraveled when the two became involved in an unconventional love triangle.

Both Mary-Beth Tomaselli and Linda Roberts have been arrested and charged with first-degree murder of their father. After nearly four years of hiding the truth, the two sisters have reportedly been cooperating with police. They’ve admitted to killing their father, and they also revealed the disturbing details behind the crime.

The two allegedly conspired and plotted to murder their father by spiking his drink with multiple sleeping pills. When their first attempt did not appear to be successful, Linda decided to grab a nearby pillow and finish the job by smothering him. This attempt also failed, so Linda decided to shove a washrag down the victim’s throat while Mary-Beth held her father’s nose shut. After a brief struggle, Anthony stopped breathing. The two sisters then pretended to find their father’s body the next morning, which led paramedics to assume the victim had passed away naturally in his sleep.

Four years later, both sisters began having a romantic relationship with the same man. Eventually, the man was told the truth about what had happened to the sister’s father, and he felt compelled to reach out to authorities about the situation. Investigators began working with the unidentified tipster to produce numerous tape recordings of admissions from both sisters.