Eric Garcia, a father from Texas, is currently struggling for his life in the hospital after being brutally attacked by his daughter’s boyfriend. Garcia has been in a coma since the ordeal, and the daughter’s boyfriend has been taken into police custody.

The whole ordeal began on March 23rd when Garcia could hear his daughter and her boyfriend arguing. The three individuals all lived together in the same home, although the boyfriend had only been living there for about ten days before this situation unfolded. Garcia overheard the boyfriend, 24-year-old Jaime Apodaca, call his daughter a derogatory term before accusing her of cheating on him. He decided to intervene, and he asked Apodaca to leave the home.

Initially, Apodaca decided to leave, but he returned a few minutes later claiming that he needed to get some of his belongings. He went into his room to begin collecting his things when Garcia entered the room. Suddenly, the boyfriend punched Garcia. The daughter attempted to pull her boyfriend off of her father, but Apodaca then began hitting her as well.

Apodaca allegedly punched his girlfriend so hard that one of her teeth was knocked out. Obviously enraged, Garcia fought back. As the fight progressed to the outdoors, Apodaca struck Garcia with such force that his skull smashed into the concrete sidewalk. Garcia has still not regained consciousness after hitting his head, and his family has stated that his “diagnosis does not look good.” He’s currently suffering from a skull fracture and a herniated brain.

Jamie Apodaca was promptly arrested and charged with assault causing bodily injury, aggravated assault causing serious bodily injury to a family member and assault causing bodily injury to a family member. He’s currently detained at the Travis County Jail.