On December 6, Tammi Bleimeyer, a 37-year-old resident of Texas, was found guilty of intentionally injuring her five-year-old step-son. According to court documents and police records, Bleimeyer’s actions against the youngster were so disturbing that she will likely face at least ten years in prison. Two years ago, her husband, Bradley Bleimeyer, pleaded guilty to injuring the child and is currently in jail serving a 15-year sentence.

Police first became aware of the potentially abusive situation back in March of 2014. The five-year-old’s brother, who was only 16-years-old at the time, was visiting and noticed his brother’s deteriorating condition. When questioned, his younger brother revealed some horrifying details about his living situation. He immediately contacted local police to report what his brother told him. According to his statement, the five-year-old child was forced to still wear a baby diaper during the day. Bleimeyer allegedly forced the youngster to reside in a Harry Potter-esque room underneath the stairs with limited lighting. His parents often refused to feed him.

Upon hearing these claims, police immediately visited the Houston home. When authorities arrived, they found that Tammi Bleimeyer had intentionally removed the youngster from the home. Tammi and her husband refused to tell authorities where the boy was. The next day, Tammi was located in a motel room, and she had the youngster with her. Responding deputies were appalled at the boy’s condition and immediately rushed him to a nearby hospital. Police reports indicated that the youngster was so underweight that he was nearly starved to death. Assistant District Attorney Stephen Driver explained how “doctors compared his state of malnourishment to that of a Holocaust survivor.”