At about 2:15 P.M. on March 29th, an unnamed Texas state trooper witnessed a traffic violation by a passing vehicle, so he decided to pull the car over. As he approached the driver, he was suddenly struck by a bullet. The driver immediately sped off going north along a highway.

Emergency medical personnel rushed to the trooper’s aid and he was promptly brought to a nearby hospital. The trooper’s injuries were severe, so he was forced to undergo emergency surgery.

While he was being treated for his wounds, his fellow officers tracked down the suspect and his car. As the police regrouped, the suspect had enough time to barricade himself in at an apartment complex in Frisco. Officers surrounded the building, but the suspect reportedly fired multiple shots at the officers. Thankfully, no one else was harmed during the exchange of gunfire.

The police department called in SWAT teams to assist with the suspect. The standoff between the suspect, police and SWAT officers lasted over 15 hours. Eventually, SWAT teams made the call to burst through the suspect’s door. It remains unclear what happened during the takedown, but the suspect was apprehended. The entire apartment remained a crime scene until about 7 A.M.

Bryan M. Cahill, the suspect, was rushed to the hospital with “serious injuries.” He’s expected to recover, and when he does, he’ll be going directly to jail. Cahill will be charged with the aggravated assault of a police officer.

Thankfully, the trooper’s surgery “went well.” He currently remains hospitalized, but he is recovering.