Texas police are distraught over the recent discovery of a three-year-old’s deceased body. The youngster’s remains were found degrading inside a container of acid, which was hidden inside the bedroom closet of her parents.

The parents, both residents of Texas, were immediately arrested upon the discovery. 37-year-old Monica Dominguez and 32-year-old Gerardo Zavala Loredo are being charged with the abuse of a corpse, tampering with evidence and endangering a child. It’s unclear whether murder charges will be pursued as the investigation is still ongoing.

The investigation began when police received a tip-off from the couple’s neighbors. Concerned neighbors requested the well-check on the family, and police obliged. When they arrived at the home, police noticed the couple’s three-year-old was nowhere to be found. After a brief search, they found a 5-gallon bucket filled with acid and decomposing body parts inside the parent’s closet.

The child’s mother confessed to police that her child had tragically passed away in the bathtub. According to her statement, the child was bathing unsupervised when she unexpectedly drowned. When she realized what had happened, the mother reportedly panicked. Rather than report the incident, she recruited her husband to help cover up the horrific accident.

The Webb County District Attorney has confirmed that an autopsy will be conducted, and authorities will be searching for any injuries that would be consistent with murder.

Sadly, the couple also has four other children. Child Protective Services have taken custody of the children.

Both parents are now being held in the Webb County Jail.