CNN reports that 103 Uber drivers have been accused of sexual assault or abuse nationwide. One woman took an Uber ride after a night of drinks in San Diego, when she passed out in the back seat. When she woke, the driver was raping her just a block from her home. She escaped and called 911 to report the incident.

John David Sanchez, 54, was arrested by police. Investigators found videos of Sanchez raping women over the past five years on his computer during a search. He was later sentenced to 80 years for the Uber rape and 33 other counts of sexual assault against at least nine other women and children. He drugged many of those victims.

CNN has determined that Sanchez is just one of at least 103 Uber drivers in the country who have been accused of sexual assault in the past four years. These drivers have either been arrested or are wanted by police. There are also civil suits naming some of these perpetrators.

31 drivers have been convicted of everything from forcible touching to false imprisonment and rape. Many cases are still pending.

18 of the accused drivers have not been brought to justice because criminal cases did not move forward against them. According to prosecutors, this was mostly due to witness cooperation or lack of probable cause.

Since 2016, the Boston Police Department has received 24 complaints of Uber drivers allegedly sexually assaulting passengers; the Los Angeles Police Department has received at least 13 complaints; and Austin police have received at least 16 complaints since 2015. Denver police have received at least nine complaints since 2015.

*Photo credit shutterstock/cnnmoney