Conor McGregor, a UFC superstar, is well-known for his aggressive tendencies. His antics have gotten him into trouble many times in the past. Now, he’s been arrested again, and one of his fans is claiming that the fighter smashed his cell phone to pieces.

Just a few days prior to this recent incident, McGregor was finally finishing up the final few hours of court-ordered community service to pay for his crimes last July. McGregor had been caught on film angrily smashing a metal doll into a charter bus that was filled with other UFC fighters. The whole ordeal happened at a UFC press event, and it was caught on tape. McGregor was able to avoid any prison time, but he was ordered to complete the community service and attend an anger management class.

Despite fulfilling these obligations, it appears McGregor is at it again. Initial reports suggest that McGregor and another 22-year-old were both leaving a nightclub at around the same time. Recognizing the UFC fighter, the other individual allegedly tried to take a quick snapshot of McGregor.

While trying to take the photo, McGregor reportedly slapped the person’s cellphone out of their hand, and it crashed to the ground. Then, McGregor intentionally smashed the phone into numerous pieces by stomping down on it. McGregor went on to pick up the phone pieces and walk away.

Shortly later, the Miami Beach Police Department arrested McGregor. He’s currently being charged with criminal mischief and robbery. It remains unclear how this recent arrest will impact McGregor’s already faltering UFC career.