Jason Felix was riding on an American Airlines flight from St. Croix to Miami, Florida, on May 23 when he got into a serious confrontation with the in-flight staff. The actions that followed could land the passenger in prison for 20 years.

The entire incident began shortly after the flight began. A flight attendant noticed Felix acting suspiciously in one of the back bathrooms. He was searching through the bathroom’s cabinets when he was approached by the attendant. He slammed the door in her face, but later returned to his seat clearly agitated about the encounter.

Around an hour into the flight, Felix notified another flight attendant about his intentions to purchase a second alcoholic beer. Due to the previous incident, he was denied another alcoholic beverage.

According to FBI reports, Felix became enraged. He climbed over the passenger in the seat beside him and began chasing the attendant down. He was screaming and causing a scene, so some of the flight’s passengers began taking cell phone video of Felix’s outburst. He eventually returned to his seat, but a fight quickly broke out between Felix and his seatmate.

The seatmate, a US Virgin Islands police officer, alleges that Felix spit blood at him, tore his shirt and threatened to kill him. Once the flight landed in Miami, four police officers immediately detained Felix. He was arrested and charged with attempting to interfere with a flight crew. Such a serious charge could result in a 20 year prison sentence if he is convicted. His hearing will be in Florida on May 29.