On October 6, Brett Kavanaguh was nominated onto the Supreme Court by a borderline vote of 50 to 48. Despite the vote being final and over, protesters from around the nation continued to flood the U.S. Capitol. Capitol Police made at least 164 arrests throughout the day as demonstrators expressed their unhappiness with the nomination.

Around 150 of the suspects were arrested on the east side where the large gathering continued yelling out “Vote them Out!” and “November is coming.” The demonstrators were led away one by one and arrested without further incident. Countless demonstrators used the opportunity to raise their fists in solidarity with the movement as they were taken down the stairs one at a time. Once the suspects were down the stairs, police restrained their hands behind their backs with plastic cuffs. All suspects waited peacefully in line as the others were arrested and filed down.

Later, more protesters began shouting out in the Senate gallery until Vice President Mike Pence called for the restoration of order. Amid shouts of “Shame on You!” and “I do not consent,” more individuals were taken into police custody. The 13 individuals were all charged with obstructing and crowding.

Democratic Senator Elizabeth Warren appeared later outside of the Supreme Court building steps to talk to several of the demonstrators. She suggested that people who are upset with this confirmation will have to utilize their emotions in a positive way by taking “back control” of the government through midterm elections this November.