The subway systems in New York are utilized by all kinds of individuals throughout the city, so boarding subways frequently almost guarantees that you will run into some strange, and sometimes angry, passengers. This happened to be the case for subway riders in Brooklyn on December 11th when they were all forced to witness one passenger’s violent tirade.

The angry passenger, 40-year-old Anna Lushchinskaya, apparently lost it when another passenger, a 24-year-old, accidently bumped into her while boarding the subway. The 40-year-old, who witnesses described as white, began yelling at the victim, who bystanders described as Asian. Lushchinskaya allegedly directed several racial slurs towards the victim.

After screaming for a few moments, Lushchinskaya’s rage only increased. She reportedly slapped the 24-year-old with her hand before removing her gloves and sunglasses. She pulled back her hair and grabbed both her keys and umbrella as weapons. Next, she started to kick the victim.

The 24-year-old did attempt to defend herself, but she tried to deescalate the situation. A 30-year-old witness intervened and told the 40-year-old to stop. She refused, so other subway riders began saying they would call the police. Despite the bystander’s warnings, Lushchinskaya continued to hit the victim with her umbrella and keys. One witness tried to take the suspect’s umbrella away during the scuffle, and they sustained multiple cuts to their face. Another bystander restrained the suspect, but she continued yelling profanities and spitting towards the victim.

The victim suffered cuts to her face, and she was disturbed by the attack. She is asking media outlets and the police to keep her identity anonymous. Lushchinskaya has been charged with felony assault, but she has pleaded not guilty. She has been released from custody after posting a $1,000 bond. The suspect reportedly was arrested previously in the year during a separate subway altercation in which she pepper-sprayed a Hispanic woman. She was ultimately charged with harassment, attempted assault and menacing with a weapon in this unrelated crime.