One Good Samaritan went viral over the weekend when he purchased an entire stock of cookies from two Girl Scouts. The youngsters were reportedly trying to make their sales despite the frigid weather, so Detric Lee McGowan decided to buy all the cookies to keep the girls out of the cold.

News outlets picked up the story and displayed the heartwarming image of Detric and the girls all throughout the weekend. Now, the same individual is getting even more media coverage, but this time it isn’t for his compassion.

According to statements from the Drug Enforcement Administration, Detric McGowan was apprehended on February 26th. He is currently being charged with the conspiracy to import and distribute numerous drugs. Initial reports suggest that the formerly beloved Good Samaritan was actually trafficking dangerous drugs like cocaine, fentanyl and heroin. McGowan is facing additional serious charges including a conspiracy to defraud the United States and racketeering.

The Girls Scouts cookie incident appears to be completely unrelated to McGowan’s criminal endeavors. The vice president of the involved Girl Scouts chapter, Karen Kelly, released a statement about the whole ordeal. She explained, “Nobody was hurt. Nobody was threatened.”

The man was very nice to the young girls, giving them $500 for over 121 boxes of Girl Scout cookies. He also gave two young boys, who were nearby the cookie stand, their choice of free cookies from his newly obtained stash. It’s shocking to everyone who has heard this story that McGowan was actually involved in a years-long drug smuggling ring.