Back in April, Sarah Webb was pulled over by Roswell traffic police for a traffic infraction that led to her arrest. She faced court on Monday, but all charges against her were dropped when investigators examined footage of the traffic stop.

The now viral footage shows police officers Brown and Wilson pulling over the suspect for speeding. The two officers can be seen discussing whether to add an additional charge of reckless driving on Webb due to the wet conditions of the road or whether to let her go. The officer’s body footage clearly shows Officer Brown opening an app on her phone that flips a coin to make a decision. Officer Wilson states, “A head, R tail,” and the two proceed to use the app on the phone, and the duo are audibly laughing over the situation. A few moments later, Officer Wilson can be heard calling the arrest into dispatchers.

To make matters worse, the police officer’s body footage shows the young female bawling in the back of the police cruiser. She claimed she was only speeding because she was late for work. She wouldn’t learn the truth about the coin toss app until journalists from 11 Alive informed her about the tapes months later.

11 Alive journalists probed the police department about the footage. The news reporters are being seen as crucial in helping Webb defeat her charges. Once this body footage was seen, prosecutors dismissed all charges against the suspect. Both Officer Brown and Officer Wilson have been placed on administrative leave, and an internal investigation has been launched into the situation.