Timothy McCalla, a 30-year-old resident of Fort Worth, was just apprehended by police for sexually harassing unsuspecting women at Walmart.

The suspect was allegedly roaming through the North Walnut Creek Drive Walmart. He used his cell phone to peek under and take photographs underneath women’s skirts. Strangely, the suspect appears to have told on himself.

Reports indicate that McCalla approached one of his victims. He informed her that his wife had witnessed a strange man taking photographs underneath the woman’s skirt while the woman shopped. The witness reports that McCalla said he would go and get his wife, but he never returned.

A short time later, the witness reported the incident to Walmart staff members. The local police were called, and the store’s video surveillance film was reviewed. Astonishingly, authorities surmised that the suspect who approached the witness was the same man who took the inappropriate photographs.

Police located McCalla and arrested him. He was taken to the Tarrant County Jail where he faces charges of creating an improper visual recording. He remains detained under a $15,000 bond. The suspect is simultaneously facing previous charges related to an attempted kidnapping case. According to the separate incident, McCalla covered his face in a ski mask, hid in the bushes and attempted to scare women walking by. In addition, McCalla is already a registered sex offender. His status as a sex offender stems from an unrelated incident dating back to 2006. McCalla sexually assaulted a minor who was only 12-years-old.