Warner Wolf, an 81-year-old famous sportscaster, was taken into police custody in Florida after altering a privately-owned sign for a gated community.

Wolf reportedly committed the vandalism after repeatedly complaining about the “racist” word in the gated community’s name. The Naples community is called the Classics Plantation Estates, and Wolf had an issue with the word plantation.

According to the president of the community’s homeowner association, Wolf has appeared at several board meetings and complained about the name. He wanted the world ‘plantation’ removed from both he community’s name and the sign.

Wolf later confirmed to authorities that he believed the word was offensive to certain community members because of the historic context of plantations.

After his complaints went unheard, Wolf apparently became so enraged that he visited the sign on November 30th. He stood inside of a fountain to reach the signs letters, and he pulled off the entire word “plantain” before driving away.

Two weeks after the incident, he returned back to the gated community and approached the security guard. He returned all of the letters. Baffled, the security guard made the decision to reach out to police about the whole ordeal.

Police used the community’s security footage to go back to November 30th. They could clearly see Wolf taking down the letters, so a warrant was issued for his arrest. On February 8th, Wolf decided to turn himself into authorities and deal with the situation. He is now being charged with criminal mischief, but he has already been released from jail on a $5,000 bond.