news reports that a contractor at the White House was arrested today on an attempted first-degree murder charge. The Secret Service was notified on Monday that Martese Edwards had an arrest warrant in his name that was issued in Prince George County in Maryland.

Edwards was immediately arrested upon arriving at the checkpoint outside of the White House as he was reporting to work as a contractor. He was taken to the Washington Metropolitan Police Department by Secret Service Uniformed Division Officers.

Separate from  the serving of this arrest warrant, another law enforcement officer said that Edwards was wanted for attempted first-degree murder, though the details of the case are still unknown.

Since Edwards worked as a contractor, he had access to at least parts of the White House complex, and had to agree to security checks before entering the grounds. It is unclear what his work entailed at the White House, as officials have not responded to requests for such information at this time.

*Photo credit Win McNaee/Getty Images North America/Getty Images