The Huffington Post reports that a Missouri man has been arrested and charged with terrorism after he allegedly attempted to derail an Amtrak train in Nebraska by engaging its emergency brakes.

Taylor M Wilson, 26, of St. Charles, has engaged in white supremacist group rallies in the past, including a neo-Nazi group of white nationalists in Charlottesville, Virginia.

Wilson was arrested in October for engaging the train’s brakes and an FBI investigation ensued. Agents discovered weapons hidden in his home, tactical gear and white supremacist documents, says the Huffington.

Court records state that many of the items found were in a hidden compartment behind his refrigerator.

Wilson holds a concealed carry permit, and FBI agents believe he boarded the train with the intent to carry out a terrorist attack. He pulled the brakes on October 22 “with intent to harm those aboard.”

The FBI also believes that Wilson’s weapons had been obtained for the purposes of carrying out criminal acts. 175 passengers were on board the train that day, according to the Associated Press.

In the early morning hours, he allegedly entered a restricted area as the train traveled through Nebraska and pulled the brakes. Amtrak workers then found him messing with the controls of the train and seated in the engineer’s seat, according to court documents. The workers struggled with Wilson, who reached toward his waistband several times, and eventually subdued him.

Arresting officers later found a loaded gun and speed loader in his waistband, and a hammer, knife, mask and ammunition in his backpack. He was also carrying a card for the National Socialist Movement.

During interviews, Wilson’s cousin and former roommate Andrew Olney told police that Wilson joined a neo-Nazi group he found while surfing white supremacy forums, and that he had attended the rally in August in Charlottesville with neo-Nazi friends.

Wilson was initially arrested for felony criminal mischief, trespassing and weapon charges. He posted his $100,000 bail on December 11 and was released from prison. He was arrested again on December 23 by federal agents after a criminal complaint was filed by the FBI with the U.S. District Court for the District of Nebraska for terrorist acts against a railroad carrier.

*Photo credit Joe Raedle via Getty Images