The public and police alike are both horrified and extremely concerned about news reports that surfaced about a suspect who attempted to hire a hitman to kill his neighbor. As if this action wasn’t extreme enough, it’s clear that the suspect’s rage was fueled by racism.

Brandon Cory Lecroy, the 32-year-old suspect, is a white man who lives in South Carolina. The extremist went to great lengths to hire a hitman for his black neighbor. Thankfully, the hitman Lecroy attempted to enlist was an undercover FBI agent.

The suspect reportedly asked the officer to lynch his black neighbor, put up a burning cross in his front yard and then hang the victim from a tree. The white supremacist believed such a hit should be performed for $500. He provided the undercover agent with a $100 down payment, photographs of the intended target and the address of the neighbor.

This horrible act of radicalism was apparently not the only hit the suspect had in mind. An affidavit obtained by news reporters indicate that the suspect wanted the undercover officer to kill additional people after successfully completing his first mission. Lecroy also asked the undercover agent to obtain a 9mm untraceable firearm and two clips. Lecroy didn’t disclose what he was planning on doing with the weapon.

After meeting with the undercover agent, Lecroy was arrested and charged with murder for hire and solicitation to commit violence. He is potentially facing ten years and prison and a $250,000 fine. A judge has ordered that the extremist undergo a psychological evaluation.