On December 23rd, the Denver Police Department was alerted about a situation involving a missing seven-year-old child that was possibly in the area by the Aurora Police Department. The tip led the police to a storage unit on E. Evans Avenue where they found the body of the deceased youngster inside. The victim was identified as Caden McWilliams, the child of a person who was already in police custody in Aurora.

Experts at the Denver Medical Examiner’s Office are working diligently to determine the youngster’s time and manner of death. Authorities initially believe that the boy could have been killed as early as May of 2018. Detectives are still investigating the situation, but they have come up with a timeline of events regarding the suspect and child.

According to the initial investigation, Caden was likely killed between May and December of 2018. In December, officers were investigating a scene for an unidentified missing child when one officer within the Aurora Police Department was tasked with picking up medication for the suspect, 43-year-old Elisha A. Pankey. He was asked to deliver the medication, which was at the crime scene, to the suspect who was staying at a nearby hotel. The officer immediately realized the “medication” was actually .4 grams of heroin. On December 22nd, Pankey was arrested for felony drug possession, but no charges were initially levied against her in connection to her missing child. The following day, police in Denver located the missing boy’s body.

On January 2nd, Pankey turned herself into authorities where she was officially arrested under the suspicion of child abuse that resulted in death.

Authorities are asking anyone with information regarding the victim or suspect to reach out to Crime Stoppers. They can be contacted at 720-913-7867.