A viral social media video has prompted police to issue an arrest warrant for one resident of North Carolina. The subject of the video, Susan Westwood, has since turned herself over into police custody.

The incident began on October 19th when Westwood, a 51-year-old, was returning home after a night of heavy drinking. Westwood noticed two women in the parking lot area of an apartment complex and decided to confront them. The two women, Leia and Mary Garris, were reportedly having car trouble. The sisters had already called AAA for assistance, and they were patiently waiting for help in the parking lot. Westwood was concerned because she didn’t recognize the sisters.

In response, Westwood placed two 911 calls to report the “suspicious” behavior. Westwood told 911 dispatchers that the women were “African-American” and were hanging out in the complex taking pictures. The dispatcher was able to confirm that a call was placed earlier about a car breaking down in the exact location. Despite being told this, Westwood continued to argue that the entire situation was “weird.” She tried to convince the dispatcher that there was no broken-down vehicle in the area. She was also heard saying, “They don’t belong here.”

After the incident, police confirmed that Westwood misused the emergency line system. Police initiated an arrest warrant for the suspect who later turned herself into the Sunset Beach Police Department. Westwood has also been fired from her job at Charter Communications due to the “blatant violation of Charter’s code of conduct.”