The government shutdown led to dozens of TSA agents calling out of work, which may have led to a misunderstanding that citizens don’t actually have to follow the orders of TSA agents. One woman, Angela McNaughton, learned the hard way that she must submit to these officers. Despite her yelling, “I know my rights,” she was obviously mistaken that she could simply ignore the agents at the airport.

The whole ordeal began when McNaughton arrived at the Orlando International Airport with the intention of bypassing and ignoring security checkpoints. Almost immediately, she began causing problems by driving her car up to the curb at around 8:30 P.M. She told an employee who was working the curbside check-in area to park her car. When the employee informed her that she didn’t have a reservation, she yelled back to “have the [expletive] thing towed,” before storming inside.

Next, McNaughton headed towards a security checkpoint designed only for Known Crew Members. A TSA agent immediately approached her and asked for her credentials. Instead of complying, McNaughton told the agent she “knew her rights” and pushed the man out of her way.

Other TSA agents quickly saw the escalating situation and noticed a silver knife fall from the woman’s jacket. Several officers attempted to stop the woman as she pushed, shoved and assaulted them. Eventually, one officer was forced to employ a taser to subdue her.

McNaughton was found to be carrying a military ID and 12 grams of marijuana. She is being charged with possession and battery on a law enforcement officer.