Over 30 years ago, one woman from Nevada lost track of her toddler at a swap meet. The child’s disappearance was very suspicious considering the woman and her fiancé were both awaiting trial for allegedly abusing the boy. Weeks passed, and the couple both decided to plead guilty to the child abuse charges against them. They were ultimately sentenced to a short probation term.

Three-year-old Francillion “Yo-Yo” Pierre was still listed as missing. For decades, detectives never gave up hope on locating the youngster. Suspicion peaked in 2018 when an individual, claiming to be the long lost Francillion, attempted to apply for a copy of his birth certificate. Detectives investigated and realized the situation was another case of attempted identity theft.

Despite the setback, police decided to reopen the 30-year-old case. After re-examining the evidence, one officer discovered letters between the boy’s mother, Amy Elizabeth Fleming, and her fiancé, Lee Luster, that were written while both were serving time in jail.

Detectives re-interviewed several witnesses from the 1986 incident. No one at the swap meet remembered seeing the suspect or her child the day in question. Although police have not confirmed what new evidence was obtained, they did state that new witnesses came forward. Investigators obtained enough information to make an arrest.

On January 29th, Amy Fleming, now 60-years-old, was apprehended in Florida by U.S Marshals. Over the weekend, she was extradited to the North Las Vegas Police where she will face murder charges. The investigation is still ongoing because no body has been recovered, and there was no “smoking gun” that led to the arrest.