The Tribune News Service reports that U.S. Marshals have made an arrest in a cold case involving a “killer clown” dating 27 years ago. Sheila Keen Warren was arrested during a traffic stop in Virginia and is now accused of being Florida’s killer clown in 1990.

Keen Warren is now 54. She has been arrested for the May 26, 1990 shooting death of Marlene Warren, 40, a murder that took place in Wellington. Keen Warren initially agreed to speak to police, until they told her she was arrested for the 1990 murder.

DNA evidence was used to highlight Keen Warren as the main suspect in the case. She now faces the death penalty for the crime in a case that was considered cold for several years.

Keen Warren has pleaded not guilty to the first-degree murder charge, and is being held without bond in Palm Beach County Jail. Her husband was married to the victim when she was shot in her front entryway by someone dressed as a clown.

Marlene died two days after the clown who knocked on her front door shot her in the face. The clown was driving a white Chrysler LeBaron, found abandoned days later. Keen Warren and Michael Warren were always suspected but never charged in the crime.

Keen was 27 at the time and worked for Michael at his used car lot. While investigating the murder, police discovered Michael was rolling back odometers on the vehicles he was selling, resulting in a conviction on racketeering and other felonies. He was released in 1997.

The couple wed five years later and lived in a small town in Virginia while operating a fast-food restaurant.

Keen Warren’s DNA was matched to hairs found in the abandoned getaway car, and hairs from a bright orange wig were found in the car as well as her home.

*Photo credit Lannis Waters/Palm Beach Post/TNS