One woman has become a laughing stock for social media users after video emerged of her requesting police assistance for the removal a family having a barbeque in the park. The viral video shows the white woman being confronted by a bystander. The woman can be seen dialing the police.

The bystander questioned the woman who told her the nearby black family was hosting an illegal barbeque party. The bystander corrects the woman explaining that the family is doing nothing wrong. When officers arrived on scene, the woman can be seen bursting into tears and claiming harassment.

Once the video went viral, the public became outraged at the woman’s overt racist behavior. Activists in Oakland decided to stage a protest outside of City Hall to demand the white woman be arrested for falsely reporting a crime. Activist argue that officials should hold people accountable for the wasted public resources. According to reports, the woman not only called the cops on the innocent family, but she also called them “n-----s” that didn’t belong at the Lake.

The neighborhood’s response in support of the black community has been overwhelming. The community has also staged another protest at a spot on Lake Merritt where activists will be wearing cookout clothes and showing that it isn’t a crime to barbeque while black.

While no one has been arrested in connection to the days events, police did respond to the incident. Police reports indicate that both parties were harassed, but the barbeque in question was allowed to continue.