reports that a woman stopped in a routine traffic stop in Alabama last November has been arrested after police allege that she killed the newborn baby found in the trunk of the car that day. During the traffic stop, officers discovered the body of the newborn baby. Jalesa Gaines, 23, is now behind bars.

Gaines is a mother to four other children and has been indicted on one charge of manslaughter. She has not entered a plea in the case and no information is yet available about her representation.

On the afternoon of November 14, 2017, Gaines’ vehicle was stopped in Jackson along Highway 43 because her license plate was expired. The deceased baby was found wrapped in a sweater and in a box in her trunk. Police do believe the baby was alive at birth, but a cause of death has not been released. The body is being investigated by the Department of Forensic Sciences lab in Mobile.

She was immediately detained on a charge of abusing a corpse, as well as allegedly giving investigators a false name and birthdate. She refused to discuss with officers how the baby died. Gaines did give officers her consent to search her 1998 Honda Accord.

According to the New York Post, the baby was a boy and was born on November 9. Investigators also stated that Gaines expressed some remorse, but “not to the degree we’d expect.”

Warrants were served and witnesses sought in connection with the investigation to determine what may have transpired during and after Gaines’ pregnancy.

*Photo credit Jackson Police Department