The Associated Press reports that a woman photographed being arrested in a supposed wedding dress for impaired driving in Arizona is disputing reports she was taken into custody on the way to her wedding.

Amber Young, 32, was arrested Monday and photographed wearing a white dress in handcuffs. The photo made its rounds on social media after she was involved in a three-vehicle crash 30 miles north of Tucson. One person suffered minor injuries.

Young’s defense attorney states that she was arrested on her way to meet a friend for lunch and not on the way to her own wedding. She reportedly is not engaged and says she was wearing a sun dress.

A spokesman for police told sources that bodycam footage from the arrest shows Young telling officers she was on the way to her wedding and was in fact wearing a wedding dress. During the arrest, she even told officers the location and time of the ceremony.

Due to the case being ongoing, police have not released this video footage.

Young’s attorney believes police released the photo to mock Young rather than warn viewers about impaired driving.

When police tweeted the photo, it came with the caption “Don’t drive impaired, till death do we part doesn’t need any help.” They claim the purpose of the tweet was to warn drivers of the dangers of driving impaired.

The photo was removed after several people criticized Young, in order to save her from further embarrassment.

Young and her attorney have not commented on whether she was actually impaired when she was arrested.

*Photo credit The Associated Press