NBC News reports that a facility has launched an internal probe after a vegetative woman gave birth there. In a bizarre case in Arizona, a woman in a vegetative state at a long-term care facility gave birth to a baby there last month. The facility, Hacienda Healthcare, has hired an attorney to help determine how the patient was impregnated.

Police has issued a warrant for DNA samples from all male staffers at the center. The woman has been in the same vegetative state for several years. She is now 29 and has been at the center since she was 3 after a near-drowning accident. She is non-verbal and can’t move on her own.

Staffers didn’t know she was pregnant until she started moaning on December 29 before giving birth to a baby boy.

The patient is also a member of the San Carlos Apache Tribe.

The facility has received very poor ratings in recent years, but they claim it is due to inaccurate reporting by the state. It is privately owned and serves 2,500 patients a year that are largely infants to young adults.

The chief executive of the facility resigned on Monday when the investigation was initiated.

*Photo credit Ross D. Franklin