NBC News reports that a woman who witnessed a murder was reportedly kidnapped and subsequently thrown off a bridge in Arkansas.

In Scott, Arkansas, two men were shot in a home on Christmas morning. When authorities arrived, one was dead and the other had survived. The survivor’s girlfriend was missing from the scene and a statewide bulletin was released, says NBC.

A local news station, KATV, reported that she had been found in Pulaski County by Little Rock Police. According to reports, she stated that the gunmen had taken her and thrown her off of a bridge, where she swam to shore. The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette has identified her as 42-year-old Jamie Shipp.

She did tell police she witnessed the shooting before being kidnapped by the perpetrators, and was treated at a local hospital for hypothermia. She was found at approximately 3 a.m. Christmas morning.

The suspects in the shooting, Richard Gilliam, 33, of Little Rock and Deymon Webb, 28, are now in police custody and facing capital murder charges, kidnapping charges, criminal attempt to commit capital murder and aggravated residential burglary charges. Gilliam is due in court February 20, and was apprehended by police. Webb turned himself in to authorities.

The murder victim has been identified as Arlin Wayne Nugent, 49. It is believed he was acquainted with the suspects, but no motive has been determined.

The Associated Press reports that Gilliam is being held without bond and he has no attorney listed on record. The Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office has told sources that Gilliam entered the home in the early morning hours on Christmas morning and began shooting at the people inside. Police responded to the scene just before 12:30 a.m.

*Photo credit Lonoke County Sheriff’s Office