Daimeyon Smith, a 35-year-old resident of West Virginia, was captured by police after leading them on an extremely dangerous police chase.

The incident began in the late afternoon when Smith entered into the U.S. Bank located on Springfield Pike. The suspect allegedly flashed a firearm at the banker and insisted on leaving with cash. The banker gave the thief an unspecified “large” sum of money before he fled the area.

The U.S. bank immediately called 911 as the robber left the scene of the crime. They informed the dispatcher that suspect had entered into a vehicle. They also noted the suspect was both armed and dangerous. Nearby police officers tracked down the suspect’s vehicle utilizing a GPS device that had been covertly placed within the bank’s money sack.

A car chase ensued that eventually led the suspect to crash his vehicle near the Cruise Inn bar. In an attempt to evade officers, he ran into the bar and began firing off his weapon. Responding officers rushed into the building and discovered an innocent bystander had been critically wounded by a bullet to his skull.

During the chaos, one Hamilton County Sheriff’s Deputy went to secure a side door. He witnessed the suspect bolt out of the door and fling his firearm into a nearby trashcan. The officer successfully apprehended the suspect without further incident. He was booked into the Hamilton County Jail and faces two counts of attempted murder. He will be held without bond until he faces a Judge later on in the week.

Police identified the victim as 47-year-old Scott Ramsey. Incredibly, the victim was able to maintain consciousness. He was rushed to UC Medical Center, treated and later listed in stable but critical condition.