“Qba” is a well-known internet star who became famous on sites like YouTube, but now he is facing serious and horrifying allegations. Sources report Qba tortured and murdered three film students by dissolving their bodies in acid. The YouTube star confessed to police after being arrested, and he is now under special protection from his former cartel.

Three film students traveled to the Mexican city of Guadalajara to gather footage for a college project when they unexpectedly found themselves between rival gangs. The students had accidentally taken footage of a safe house for one gang, so they were all kidnapped. The rival gang interrogated and tortured the students for information.

Palma Gutierrez, better known as Qba, confessed to police that his role in the gang was to help with these kidnapping and torture rituals. He told authorities the gang paid him roughly 3,000 pesos a week to be a “cook”. His duties included kidnapping, extracting information from individuals and then dumping the person into an acid bath. Gutierrez would return to the area two days later to remove any evidence of the crimes. He admits his role that day was to dispose of the three film students.

His former cartel, known as the Jalisco New Generation drug cartel, had given him money to do this routine on several other occasions. It’s suspected that he was involved in at least three additional murders prior to this one. The drug cartel was formed in 2010, but Qba claims he had only worked for the gang for around three months. Gutierrez is currently being charged with aggravated kidnapping.