Millions of online users are completely shocked by new revelations that the creator of the popular “Fantastic Adventures” YouTube channel has been arrested. Terrible allegations surfaced that the YouTube creator has been abusing her adoptive children that often appear in the channel’s videos, and they’ve all been removed from her care. In response to these allegations, YouTube has decided to completely terminate the previously monetized channel.

Authorities became aware of the serious situation when a 19-year-old woman reached out to them at the Maricopa Police Department. The concerned woman explained that she had a younger, adopted stepsister who had confessed that her mother had abused her.

Officers quickly set up a welfare check at the residence in question. When they arrived, their fears were confirmed. They discovered seven children in the home who all looked underweight and pale. Police began to interview some of the kids, but the children all appeared to be extremely nervous to speak out. The kids reported being very hungry and thirsty. One of the youngsters reportedly drank three bottles of water within a 20-minute period.

While interviewing the YouTube stars, it was revealed that the mother often locked some of the kids in a closet without food and water. As punishment, they were also forced to wear pull-up diapers rather than use the restroom. Other children reported that they were often punished with pepper spray, spankings and ice baths. If they resisted these punishments, then they were forced to hold their hands above their heads for hours at a time.

At least one of the female kids alleged that the mother had pepper sprayed her private area, which led to lasting pain for days. The mother is also accused of grabbing a male child’s private area numerous times and even pinching his member until it bled.

As a result of the investigation, Machelle Hackney, the mother, was arrested. She’s being charged with child neglect, unlawful imprisonment, child abuse and the molestation of a child. Her two adult biological children, who were aware of the abuse, were also arrested for failing to report the abuse.

Police are saddened by this tragedy. They believe the suspect’s YouTube popularity directly caused the “mistreatment of her adopted children.”